Amber truly appreciates all the partnerships she has been able to develop over the years as she has volunteered in our schools and advocated for our students. Thank you to all who are supporting her!

Denise Andersen, Mayor, Cedar Hills

Amber Bonner is one of those people who knows how to serve. She is dedicated to the education of our children, and puts her money where her mouth is. You can find Amber substituting in the ASD schools, attending community events, and keeping the ASD families in the loop about what is happening at the district and local level. I attend a lot of meetings for elected officials where Amber is there, learning all she can about what is happening in government that affects the schools and our children. She is intelligent, driven and dedicated to the betterment of the community through education. I fully support her re-election to the Alpine School District Board of Education, and hope that you will, too.

Carla Merrill, Mayor, Alpine City

School board members set crucial policies for students and teachers, allocate state funds and determine tax rates. Amber Bonner has proven through her service as a member of the Alpine School Board for the last four years that she understands the importance of these responsibilities. She has been a proactive presence at the schools in Alpine City. She attends local School Community meetings to form relationships with parents, teachers and administrators to personally hear the challenges and needs at their schools. She reaches out through social media to keep constituents informed and to respond to concerns. I wholeheartedly endorse her for reelection and look forward to working with her to continue the good things happening in Alpine.

Kim Rodela, City Council, Highland

Vote for Amber Bonner- If you want to know what is going on in your school district, reasons behind it, and future decisions being made Amber is your candidate. She is amazingly transparent and will take any opportunity she can to listen. She Is full of experience but more importantly just cares about the school, students, parents, and teachers.

Kelly & Jennifer Payne, Alpine

As parents of children who have grown up attending schools in Alpine School District, Kelly and I support Amber Bonner for re-election to the Alpine School District Board of Education. One of the things we appreciate about Amber is the enormous energy she brings to school issues. She takes the time to do her homework and fully understand the issues she is working on. She is dedicated and passionate about our schools and all that they encompass, which is evidenced by her showing up and working side by side with students, parents, and teachers.

Amber is an excellent listener and continually seeks input from her constituents. We have appreciated her leadership and level headedness as she has helped our schools successfully navigate two of the most difficult years in public education.

We are excited to have her represent us again as a member of the school board. Please join us in re-electing Amber!

Sherilyn Gustafson, Cedar Hills

Amber Bonner is running for re-election to the Alpine School District Board. I recommend her because she has worked tirelessly to help out our teachers, schools, parents and students. She’s amazing in how she shares with us what is going on in the different schools she’s in charge of. I have always felt like Amber truly cares. She cares about our kids and their education. She cares about the teachers and administration at our schools. She works very hard to make sure that we feel included! And she never backs away from a problem. Instead, she asks questions and examines the issue from all sides. I love how she explains her votes to us as her constituents. I’m grateful that Amber is our representative and I truly hope she wins!

Tylyn Neilsen, Alpine

To say I have been doing school a long time, it's true- and the dedication I see from Amber Bonner is unmatched! She is so determined to make our schools better! I love all the information she gets to our families about what’s happening and keeps us in the loop about everything school! We need her to continue on with the school board!!!

Haylee Kellogg, Cedar Hills

It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend Amber Bonner for Alpine School District. I have served in Alpine School District as PTA President, SCC chair and as an SCC parent member for two different schools. I have gotten to know Amber Bonner well through my time as a volunteer and have been very impressed with her willingness to listen, her ability to understand different opinions and her high morals as an elected board member. Amber Bonner truly has the best interest of the district in mind.

She spent years in our schools volunteering before she ran for school board and truly understands what goes on within the district. She has continued to volunteer in our schools since being elected and I have had the pleasure of spending time with Amber as we have worked side by side together at book fairs, back to school nights and even in the classroom. This is because Amber also takes the time to fill in for teachers as a substitute within the district. When I was unable to get enough parent volunteers to help with back-to-school night this year, Amber stepped up to help last minute. I have never known a school board member to spend more time inside our schools than Amber. She attends pta meetings, scc meetings, school plays and other school sponsored events. She understands the importance of getting to know the parents, the faculty and the students.

Amber navigated the Covid-19 pandemic and all the uncertainty that came with the pandemic with grace and professionalism.

She is patient. She is thoughtful. She is smart. Amber truly has the best interest of the district in mind at all times. Most importantly, Amber spends hours and hours every week volunteering in our schools. She talks to administration, teachers, parents and even students. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Amber knows what is happening in our schools. She is always willing to listen, answer questions or step up and help in anyway she can. As this very important election approaches, I hope we all vote for Amber Bonner for Alpine School District!!!

April Felix, Cedar Hills

I have known Amber for nearly a decade and have worked with her on the School Community Council and PTA at Cedar Ridge Elementary. Since day 1, I have been impressed by Amber's reasonable problem-solving skills, knowledge of Legislative matters that affect our families and schools, and passion for education. I have never met anyone more qualified for and approachable as a Board Member for Alpine School District. I truly consider her a friend, and completely trust her representation of me and my family especially in difficult times and situations. A vote for Amber is a vote for families!

Tim & Sherrie Hanna, Cedar Hills

We are happy to support Amber Bonner for re-election to Alpine District School Board.

Amber has been an excellent School Board member and has served parents and students with kindness, patience and a level-head. She responds to concerns and questions quickly and gives as much information as possible. She regularly attends school PTA and SCC meetings to get a feel for what is happening in the schools in her area. She takes time to study questions, get feedback and learn as much as she can about the topics at hand. We have been so impressed with her hard work and dedication!

Amber has also impressed us with her tireless efforts to be involved in every school in her area. On top of her many responsibilities with the Board, she regularly substitutes in classes, volunteers to help staff school and PTA functions and makes sure community members are aware of the good things happening in our schools.

We are looking forward to her further service to our District!

Stefanie Healey, Alpine

I worked side by side with Amber for many years in the LP Marching Band Boosters. She worked tirelessly for the needs of the students. She found answers to questions, creatively fixed problems, looked outside of the box to make things work. The kids loved her, the parents loved her, the teachers loved her. She stood up for all of them to make a harmonious team. I have watched Amber do this on the ASD School Board as well. Communication and transparency are Amber’s strengths. She doesn’t hide from the issues. She weighs both sides, listens to those that the issues affect, and fights for what she feels is the right thing to do. Let’s help the community by re-electing Amber for the Alpine School District Board. She has my vote!

Afton Bolz, Highland

I HIGHLY recommend Amber Bonner… and I don’t say that lightly. I have been so impressed with Amber since Day One. I’ve served the last couple of years as PTA President at Ridgeline elementary and Amber has come to our PTA meetings, volunteered at our book fairs, subbed in our classrooms and helped in a myriad of other ways. As a board member, she is thoughtful and careful as she reviews solutions for each district issue. As sensitive topics arise, I’ve watched her handle discussions with tact. She’s mindful of different situations, the pros and cons of each approach, and this makes her a careful voter. It’s not easy to listen and take feedback the way Amber does - she makes staying in-tune with our community look seamless. I’m so appreciative of her detailed notes during board meetings that give our community transparency and connection to district decisions. A vote for Amber Bonner is a vote well-placed. Vote for Amber!

Brian & Annette Fruit, Highland

Our family fully supports Amber Bonner’s campaign for re-election to the Alpine District School Board. During her current tenure, Amber has demonstrated that she is dedicated, open minded, level headed and hard working. She is assertive and leads with compassion. She is willing to take on any task in order to improve the educational process in our district. We have witnessed her ability to listen to various views and put in the time and hard work to find acceptable solutions. She is the right person for the job.

Robin Allred, Cedar Hills

Amber Bonner is as dedicated as they come. She serves our community diligently and has been in the schools helping in every way possible for as long as I have known her, more than a decade now, and I am certain that even before we met Amber was the involved mom who volunteered in her kids’ classrooms and in any way she could. Her heart is in this. She serves the kids, because she loves the kids. She serves the teachers and the parents and other members of our community, because she has grown to love them through her many years of interacting with them.

Amber does her homework. She understands the complex challenges that we face. She listens, analyzes, and she strives to find the best possible way to respond as a board member. I am so grateful for all the time Amber puts into representing us on the Alpine School District Board of Education and I am thrilled to add my name to her long list of supporters. I encourage each of you to do your homework. I’m confident that you will find that Amber Bonner represents us well and will continue to represent us well, so do your homework, and then vote accordingly!

Jill Brown, Cedar Hills, Lunchtime Service Events Coordinator

I met Amber Bonner ten years ago at a PTA meeting where she was explaining the issues that had been discussed at the state legislative level. I was extremely impressed with her well-rounded understanding and knowledge of how the issues affected school functioning as well as families.

I have watched Amber become an incredible School Board Member for the last several years. When I have not understood certain issues and decisions, she has taken the time to speak to me personally and discuss the issues so that I am able to gather a greater understanding. One of her best qualities is that she is able to communicate to me, as a parent, what is happening behind every decision. She has taken my input and has consistently listened to my personal point of view. I am truly amazed at how sincerely she listens to every person who approaches her.

I work with many schools as a coordinator of a volunteer program for students. I see Amber EVERYwhere! She personally attends PTA meetings to take the pulse of what parents, administrators, and teachers are feeling. She attends performances and awards ceremonies. Because of this involvement, Amber is incredibly knowledgeable about issues that affect students, parents, and school employees.

I am grateful that I have a voice in the policies because I know that Amber is listening and looking at all aspects of issues that affect families as well as the schools. Her votes embody everything I want to see from a parent point of view.

Amber Bonner knows the issues, she knows the people, and she is sound in judgement. It is my privilege to endorse Amber Bonner for the School Board.

Janis Aden, Alpine

I can’t say enough great things about Amber! She is amazing. I have been on the SCC and PTA boards throughout the years. Amber has attended almost every meeting in our kids' schools. When we have a question, she finds the answers for us. During Covid all of us parents had so many questions, through her Facebook she answered them and then took them to the board. Amber listens. She takes action. She cares about us as parents and wants the best for our kids. I see Amber at most of our schools' functions. I have seen her at my kids plays and she doesn’t even have kids in the show! I have watched her in school board meetings be very articulate and kind about issues we have. Amber needs to be re-elected! Please vote for Amber Bonner for Alpine School District in June!!!! I know I will!!!

Crystal Pyne, Highland

I am proud to endorse Amber Bonner for Alpine School District Board. I am so impressed with Amber's level of dedication and care to all members of the ASD community. I've seen Amber talk to parents, students, teachers, administrators, and support staff at schools. She is always ready to listen to their concerns and find the best solution for all involved. You can tell Amber cares deeply about the Alpine School District.

Cecia Croft, Alpine- SCC President at Timberline, SCC Member at LPHS

I am so excited that Amber Bonner is running for re-election to serve our community on the Alpine District School Board! Because she is truly the best!

• She cares about teachers, students, parents, and administrators

• She studies the Utah legislation measures

• She is involved in all the schools in her area

• She is thorough & thoughtful & wise

• She is accountable & communicative on her Facebook page with often weekly updates and before and after every board meeting - she reports and tells us why she votes a certain way

• She is aware of financial implications of bonds, capital projects, improvements, salaries, parent's pocketbooks - she doesn’t vote lightly or rash

• She listens & is approachable

• She is kind & knowledgeable

I have enjoyed watching her care in the past for Lone Peak band as the booster president before she was elected to the school board. Since being elected I have seen her every year at many SCC meetings, school plays, school sporting events, and she has always answered my (and friends) emails and texts. She attends the school board meetings prepared and gives valuable input and involves herself in thoughtful exchanges.

I am very impressed by Amber and I’m grateful she is willing to invest her time and talents representing all of us! She has my vote and I hope yours too!

Dana & Donni Morrey, Highland

When we learned that our friend, Amber Bonner, planned to run for Alpine School District Board back in 2018, we were thrilled to support someone we had seen in action serving in our schools. We had watched Amber serve as the Marching Band Booster President at LPHS for the prior few years. She had an enthusiasm and love for the students, an ability to bring parents together, and had a great rapport with the teachers and staff. We already knew Amber to be organized, capable, knowledgeable, and a great communicator. We were thrilled to see her win her race and continued to follow her work on the Board.

We appreciate the regular updates Amber makes to her constituents via social media and her efforts to be transparent on issues facing the district. While we consider ourselves engaged citizens, we have learned a lot from reading and studying the information Amber makes available. Her knowledge covers everything from volunteer opportunities at the local schools, to legislative affairs, to school standards and funding. She is truly one equipped with deep and broad knowledge about the myriad of issues facing the district. Often we have seen critiques turn toward the negative, even bordering on personal attacks. Always, we have seen Amber respond with professionalism. She does not shy away from the tough questions! She corrects mis-information by sharing facts and is up front about explaining her decision making process on tough issues. She offers follow up contacts and opportunities to discuss issues with other elected officials, boards, schools, etc., if an issue falls outside the scope of her duties on the Board.

Amber is a regular volunteer at many local schools, is a frequent patron of school sports, arts, and drama events and strives to build relationships with PTA and administrators in her cluster. We feel this keeps her in touch with local issues and needs. Amber avoids getting caught up in the rancor and partisanship that may detract from her focus on students and schools.

Amber is perhaps the elected official whose decisions have touched our family most closely during the past 2 years - decisions that affect the type, quality, and safety of the instruction that our children receive. We are grateful that we have had Amber and her extensive knowledge to weigh in on important decisions that have affected our schools during the pandemic. She has shown leadership and strength during these unique challenges. While we may not agree on every issue in the future, we trust that Amber will study, evaluate, weigh all factors, and come to a thoughtful decision to balance competing priorities.

We hope you will join us in re-electing Amber to serve on the Alpine School District Board.

Tawnya Bearss, Cedar Hills

I am happy to endorse Amber Bonner for the Alpine School Board. I first met Amber serving in the PTA. She was then and continues to be now someone we can count on to support our schools.

I have seen Amber at countless school functions (band concerts, plays, sporting events, PTA meetings and events, Elementary field days, Chinese lantern walk, etc.) to support students and teachers and to see first hand what our school community is all about. She substitutes in classrooms and talks to faculty, staff, and community members about their concerns. She tries to know and understand our schools better by being there.

She also does her research. She spends time studying surveys, reading background information, attending legislative sessions. She really takes time to make thoughtful decisions for Alpine School District.

I am happy I know Amber and I know she we will be a terrific board member for Alpine.

Chad Fortie, American Fork

As primary season rolls in I just want to put a plug in for Amber Bonner for ASD school board. In my 13 years of teaching she is the first board member who I have actually seen somewhere other than in a photo op. She is in the schools, she is going to events, she is supporting extra curricular activities, she is volunteering, etc. I’ve been very impressed with her level of involvement as well as her knowledge and transparency. I look forward to her continued service.

Misha Peay, Alpine

I have known and worked with Amber Bonner for several years and cannot say enough good about her! In my experience as a high school teacher in Alpine School District and a parent of 4 students in the district, there were many times when I reached out with concerns about different situations in our school over the past three years. Amber was extremely responsive. She took time to listen, ask questions, and truly understand the issues at hand. Not only was she responsive, she began to fill in as a substitute teacher when we were experiencing a critical shortage. Her presence in the schools helped her appreciate the needs of students, teachers and parents. She demonstrated true leadership with her willingness to work alongside us!

There were many decisions that had to be made quickly in a fast changing and confusing time and I felt so calm and confident knowing that Amber was trying to do everything she could to balance what was best for all parties involved. She did not always make the exact decision I had hoped for but I never doubted that she put in more than the expected time to listen and understand.

When Amber became a member of the school board, there was no way she could have known what difficult times were ahead. I most admired her willingness to just work hard as she sought to understand issues and balance the needs of so many different groups involved. I trust her to make hard decisions and am so grateful for her willingness to continue to serve.

Jennifer Jackman, Cedar Hills

I have had the pleasure to know Amber for many years. Our kids have been in school and extracurricular activities together. Amber has always impressed me with her desire to do what is best for students, particularly, but also be a support and advocate for parents and teachers. I have seen Amber interact with students from high school down to kindergarten and she enjoys every one of them. I have watched Amber support and love students who struggle and celebrate with students when they succeed.

Long before she was elected to school board, Amber volunteered countless hours in schools. She communicates with parents on many platforms and is willing to talk one on one. When Covid hit, Amber jumped in to sub and spend time supporting teachers in classrooms. She does her best to look at issues from many different perspectives to come up with creative solutions. Amber is an incredible asset to us in the Alpine School District and I fully support her re-election.

Tyler & Ashley Carter, Alpine

I encourage all my local friends to vote for Amber Bonner for school board! I have been so impressed with Amber! She reads everything— every word in every budget proposal, every comment from parents, every proposed bill affecting education. She listens and responds to teachers and to parents. She is always in the schools volunteering, so she knows what is really going on. She is incredibly thoughtful with her votes. She worked hard to keep our kids in school throughout the pandemic. She is a champion for teachers. She communicates so well on her Facebook page. Since following Amber, I feel like I know what is going on in the district and I understand why. We need her continued service!

Anji Branch, Cedar Hills

For the last four years, Amber Bonner has shown complete dedication to her role as a member of the Alpine School Board. I’m not sure how she finds the time (no doubt her hours surpass anything ordinary), but she seems to show up to just about every event I attend for my five children. She is diligent in her role and has made great efforts to understand the ASD community and issues within. She consistently posts on social media to keep the community informed, and I trust her to deliver accurate information. She has served during a difficult season as ASD has navigated the pandemic, spending countless hours sharing information and diplomatically responding to concerns.

Amber takes time after board meetings to get to know attendees and understand points of view. I know her to be a great listener, contemplative and incredibly fair, never favoring one group over another and wanting equality for everyone.

We would be lucky to have Amber serve our community for another term.

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